Alan Fogarty

Partner, CUNDALL, (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Ekologicznego PLGBC)

Alan heads up a specialist environmental team focused on low-energy and sustainable building design. He is a chartered building services engineer and has gained an extensive knowledge of passive design techniques, specialised in developing energy strategies.
He is on Cundall’s Sustainability Committee and was a key contributor to the Cundall Sustainability Roadmap.
He is a member of the DFE Industry Liaison group which provide feedback to government on school’s design.
He is a trust adviser to the Welsh Government working on defining the carbon emissions targets for their 2020 schools and the design and procurement that will support this. This includes adopting the principles of the new Design for Performance methodology to ensure that design energy is delivered in operation.
He developed the EFA PSBP baseline designs for natural ventilation and energy requirements and was part of the ESFA working group that developed the revised BB101 published in 2018.
He is part of CIBSE’s working group to revise TM40 Health & Wellbeing. He is also a member of CIBSE’s Climate Change Adaption Schools Workking Group and chair of DCLG Part L 2020 Non-domestic working group

Delivering Building Performance

Delivering Building Performance


This session will discuss delivering building performance in terms of energy and productivity. Most buildings are there to provide a suitable environment to support a healthy and productive workforce. Cundall will explore how building performance is delivered using a 'digital twin’ to ensure operational energy matches design targets and through Productivity Mapping to ensure the […]

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